Register a Group


1- Applicable only to a group of 5+ (five or more members) registered at the IAP 75th Anniversary Congress whose registration is paid by the same entity using the same VAT ID number. Each group member has a 15% discount. The participant can choose the condition applicable to their case, eg author, student, early registration, last minute, etc.

2- This registration must be done in principle by the backoffice services of the company or entity that will register and pay the registration of the Group of employees who will attend the IAP 75th Anniversary Congress.

For the company or entity that registers the Group

3- Complete the form below, entering the Iinvoice data and entering the list of elements that will be present at the Congress.

4- Then go to the PAYMENT FOR GROUPS OF 5+  page and calculate the payment amount for the entire group membership. Note that the values ​​shown are net, already include the 15% discount. Just add the values ​​shown there. Carry out the Group payment by making a wire transfer to the account indicated at the bottom of this page under "Payment". Follow the steps outlined there.

For each and every member of the Group

Please go to the REGISTRATION (ALL PARTICIPANTS) page and fill out the registration form as all the people who wish to attend the Congress. The only difference for an individual record is to check the box Belongs to a Group? : YES