To prepare for the future to prevent and manage risks in defense of the public interest


A Call for Papers is currently open for the IAP 75th Anniversary Congress to be held in Lisbon, at ISEG, on 10 September 2021.

Possible topics

The general theme allows for a wide list of topics which is just a baseline scenario designed to encourage and inspire participants' contributions. The Scientific Committee has chosen not to restrict the range of topics to be addressed. In the end, the program will be designed according to the papers presented; the greater the variety of themes and perspectives, the richer our congress will be. The papers may be scientific, applied, research based. The selection criteria will take into account the relevance, the quality of the presentation, the novelty, and the impact on actuarial practices - demonstrated or potential.


The Scientific Committee suggests articles related to the topics listed below:

  • ORSA 
  • Solvency II
  • Reform of the Public Pension System
  • Actuarial Standards
  • Role of CD Pension plans
  • Flexible Benefits
  • Loss reserving and capital adequacy
  • Insurance pricing and optimization
  • Reinsurance and risk transfer.
  • Risk management.
  • Operationl and cyber risk
  • Natural hazards, disaster, catastrophe risks and pricing
  • Longevity, health, critical illness
  • Unemployment insurance
  • Risk theory
  • Copulas: theory and applications
  • Extreme value statistics
  • Life and pension insurance mathematics
  • Mathematical finance with applications in insurance
  • Data Science


If you are interested in submitting a paper or presentation to the Congress for consideration by the Scientific Committee, please send us an email with the Abstract, the Application Form and the Publishing Agreement duly signed.

When preparing the paper and presentation use the following template and documents:

For more information please see: https://75anos2020iap.org/ or email: co75anos2020iap@gmail


Main dates


Opens abstract reception


Ends abstract submission


Communication about acceptance of abstracts, including instructions to authors


Publication of abstracts on website


Publication of the 1st draft of the program


Deadline for delivery of paper/ presentation


An abstract of maximum 100 words should be sent to 75anos2020iap@gmail.com according to the above chronogram. The file must be submitted in PDF and editable format and in an editable format. It should include each author's name and affiliation (optional), the authors' e-mail address, title of the paper/ presentation, an outline of its content, and a thrifty list of key references.

The outline should explain the purpose of the paper/ presentation (appropriate and succinct), the methods, the results, the conclusions and the relationships with other existing literature.


The Scientific Committee will evaluate the contributions and create a selected list for future presentation, based on the submitted synopses and communicate their decision (acceptance or rejection and possibly feedback elements) for each individual author according to the above chronogram. After that, a draft program of the Congress will be published on the website.



A full version of the paper or presentation should be emailed to 75anos2020iap@gmail.com, according to the published chronogram. A file in PDFand editable format should be sent. It should be written in Portuguese, or English, with clear quality of content and presentation, and within the standards recognized in professional scientific publications. The cover of the paper should be as follows:

a)   1st page should show the congress logo as the template

b)   2nd page should show author’s name and affiliation (optional) and the title of the paper or presentation

c)   the author's email address

d)   a self-contained abstract (no references to main body items and paper development) and readable by non-specialists (without jargon and acronyms). Pages must be numbered.

The text should be organized into numbered sections, beginning with section "1". Introduction". Multilevel numbering should appear to the right and be of type (3.2) (second level of section 3). Footnotes should be avoided as much as possible. References should be arranged alphabetically, and for the same author chronologically. Use a, b, c, etc to separate publications by the same author in the same year. For references to publications in speciality journals indicate author(s), year of publication in brackets, title, name of publication in italics, volume in bold black, and pages. For reference to books indicate author(s), year in parentheses, italic title, and publisher. Please use the PPT template Template_75anos.ppt


Bühlmann, H. (1967), Experience rating and credibility, ASTIN Bulletin, 4, 199-207.

Dickson, D.C.M.; Hardy, M.R. & Waters, H.R. (2013), Actuarial Mathematics for Life Contingent Risks, International Series on Actuarial Science, 2nd edition, Cambridge Univeristy Press.


The submission file (in an editable format and, if you want, also in pdf format) should be sent to 75anos2020iap@gmail.com, according to the published chronogram.

It must be written in Portuguese or English, clearly and within the standards known in professional scientific publications. The presentation file must be self-contained, include the reference list, and contain no trademarks or trade names.

We request that presentations be editable so that they can be pasted together and ensure a smooth and fluid transition between presentations.

The time for each presentation is 30’, including questions and answers. Please rehearse your presentation in order not to exceed the given time.


Accepted contributions will be published on a page of the Congress website www.75anos2020iap.org .

The presentation files will be published, if authorized by the authors.

Additional questions and information about the procedures described here can be obtained through the email: co75anos2020iap@gmail.com